We save you TIME and MONEY! Modern hearing technology and tele-support at more than a 25% discount compared to traditional methods.

Sweet, sweet silence.

Although we are loud and proud sound advocates, we also appreciate the need for blissful quiet. 

For those experiencing tinnitus, we bring years of experience and board certifications’ worth of tried-and-true relief…directly to YOU! 

Finding your own relief starts by answering a few simple questions. 

Although there is no “magic pill”
when it comes to tinnitus, there are many paths to relief.

Our Audiologists are Board Certified in Tinnitus Management and will create an individualized tinnitus relief program tailored specifically for you, based on your specific tinnitus perceptions and concerns.

Start your own process of tinnitus relief by telling us more in the tinnitus survey.

The science and art of silence.

With decades of experience working with people suffering from tinnitus, we are incredibly compassionate to the complexities of tinnitus, and the impacts it has on those we get the opportunity to support. 

Although we don’t have that silver bullet that we wish we did, we have been able to help so many people along the way. 

We are confident that we can help you manage your tinnitus symptoms with the right combination of technology, sound therapy and counseling – the true tinnitus relief trifecta. 

Big Fix. Small Box.

Blue and Orange package with tinnitus hearing devices.

Your Tinnitus Relief Box includes:

We package your tinnitus solution in a personalized relief box, shipped right to your home. 

We perfectly curate your tinnitus solution based on your hearing results (audiogram), your tinnitus survey and intake questions that let us assess which of the current tinnitus solutions on the market is primed to bring you the greatest relief. 

Your Relief Box will be chalk full of the following tinnitus relief goodness: 

  • Perfectly prescribed premium hearing technology programmed for your hearing 
  • Personalized sound therapy targeted to relieve your  tinnitus concerns
  • Access to our online tinnitus management resources for stress reduction, sleep improvement strategies and resources for holistic tinnitus management
  • Access to our online tinnitus support community where BLUEMTOH Audiologists are readily available to answer any and all questions you may have; plus support from those that are going through similar experiences 
  • BLUEMOTH 100% Telehealth Audiology Team to make remote changes, on the fly, to your hearing and tinnitus sound therapy tech 
  • BLUEMOTH Ready-To-Help Customer Service. We’ve got your back no matter what the issue. 
  • 3-years of device repair warranty
  • 3-years of loss and damage peace of mind warranty
  • 45-day trial period 
  • 100% money back guarantee

Tinnitus Relief for $6250

What is Tinnitus?

We understand that you might have many more questions about your symptoms. We’re here to talk things through. 

You can start with that super fun orange button below to get answers to some of the most frequent FAQs. 

And, feel free to add your own questions and let our brainy AuDs (Audiologists) get to work answering the newest in fun Q+A.