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We save you time and money, by bringing the best available in premium prescription hearing technology and virtual telehealth support, directly to you.

With decades of Audiological experience, we knew there had to be a better way… 

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How BLUEMOTH works.

3 simple steps to being an even more awesome you.

Take our simple quiz to find out the best hearing technologies for you to try at home. Super simple, and fast. We promise.


You’ll know better when you hear it. Choose your favorite and send back the demos. Next, we’ll hop on a telehealth call to customize your devices to your ears content.  

Try our free online hearing screening

Not sure if you’re experiencing hearing loss? Our free online hearing screening can help you understand your hearing needs and plan next steps.

All you need is 5 minutes and a pair of headphones.

Have questions?

We have answers.

Book a 15-minute call with a care coordinator to discuss your needs. 

We’re ready to help you hear better, better.

The BLUEMOTH revolution

The reviews are in!

Kristine S. Seattle, WA
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“At LAST! I get to choose among hearing aid models designed for my needs and test drive them in the comfort of my own home (or favorite noisy restaurant!)"
Ryan K. Washington, DC
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I CAN HEAR CLEARLY NOW...the rain is gone. While my hearing loss was minimal and not as bad as I thought, I was struggling to hear friends out and about, especially in clubs. It's such a relief to know I have a baseline that I can track over time. Baselines are real - in or out of the club.
Carissa P.Seattle, WA
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“I went to a party last night and heard every conversation! You’ve changed my life! I feel such excitement and gratitude for the gift of hearing. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”
Kurt R.Seattle, WA
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“This package is tasty. I want to lick the color palette. Props to your brand designer.”
Meg B. Seattle, WA
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“So. Freaking. Cool. And. EXCITING!!!”
Jan M. Arlington, WA
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I got them paired with my phone, no problem. I just had a call from my daughter and it went thru the hearing aids! Very cool! Thank you again!!
Alexandra T. Seattle, WA
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“I love the Experience Box. It felt like opening a present.”
Kayte M.DeForest, WI
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This is the best thing to happen to the internet since Amazon. I totally expected a half mile long survey, but that was so fast! Those boxes are everything.
K. K. Chicago, IL
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"Your site is so easy and intuitive to navigate. It's like taking a magazine survey with a friend in a bathroom with no judgement or shame around hearing. It's so "I got what chu need", but make it cute."
Glenn S. Seattle, WA
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Wow. I didn't realize how muffled my own hearing was until I tried these. Was not expecting this. What a difference.
Barney C.Seattle, WA
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I just had my first phone call with the new devices. It was better. I was talking to my daughter who wears hearing aids and she told me I was hearing more than usual. Excited to try these at dinner out later this week. That will be a good real life test.
Sandra H. WA
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I've really been awed at how much I was missing. I can't get over those little nuances of sound that make hearing music and birds so much more amazing, when I was already a music and bird nerd. It's kind of like the difference between hearing such sounds above and below the water line at a pool or the lake.

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Have your prescription?

Why do you need a prescription? At BLUEMOTH, we believe that everyone deserves premium prescription hearing and premium prescription hearing care. 

Just as unique as a vision prescription for glasses, prescription hearing technology is precisely attuned to your unique hearing needs. A quick upload of your hearing test results gets you one step closer to Hearing better. Better. 

And, that’s what we know you deserve.  

Insurance reimbursement assistance.

At BLUEMOTH, we want two things (well, many – but these two are at the top of the list):

  1. For you to have the best hearing possible.
  2. For you to get the highest reimbursement for your prescription hearing tech.

And, if we had to choose a third thing…it would be donuts. Always donuts. 😉