We save you TIME and MONEY! Modern hearing technology and tele-support at more than a 25% discount compared to traditional methods.

Here's our why.

Hi, we’re BLUEMOTH.

We believe everyone deserves better hearing. Wouldn’t your life be better, if you heard better?

The process doesn’t have to be boring, beige and make you miss lots of work (and life).

We want you to try out incredible hearing tech right where you are, and evaluate devices in your real life. Be it around the house, in a meeting, a crowded restaurant, or at a monster truck rally. 

You do you. You know you.

We’re weird.

We geek out on hearing device technology. We follow the trends, and the market. We’re always after the cool stuff. We do the heavy lifting and “dirty work” of research to curate our favs list… just for you.

Only the best of the best – by the best.

We believe in you.

You shouldn’t settle for missed connections, experiences, or further hearing deterioration just because fixing it has always been old-school. And – complicated. And – boring. Okay, you get the point! It hasn’t been fun…until now. 

What’s with the name?

Glad you asked. It’s all about living that high frequency lifestyle, inspired by the ultrasonic hearing capabilities of the blue winged moth. Plus, for a moth, it’s got a pretty great sense of style.

Why do we do this?

Because shaking things up is fun. Our little rebellious hearts want to revolutionize how people get hearing aids. We want people to live better, and not be held back by super outdated stigmas. Hearing technology is cool, and living with fully optimized senses is so liberating.

We provide an empowering and positive experience with something that we see changing lives every single day. We’re all about giving power to you – to explore and experience your own life by hearing better, better.