We save you TIME and MONEY! Modern hearing technology and tele-support at more than a 25% discount compared to traditional methods.


The first step to better hearing is an in-person hearing test with a licensed provider in your area.

Already have one? Well look at you, coming to class prepared. You can start browsing our 2023 collection, or take our short quiz to get a BLUEMOTH Experience Box including 3 top tech choices and a step-by-step guide to help determine your fave.

Don’t have a prescription yet? Totally cool, our friend. We still think you’re the bee’s knees. Let’s get your BLUEMOTH experience started on the right foot with the 4 steps below.

Step 1:

Find your provider.

You can either search online for audiologists or hearing healthcare specialists near you. Or, use your insurance as a guiding source for providers in your area that work with your healthcare program.

Step 2:

Get scheduled.

You’ll want to get scheduled for an IN-PERSON hearing test. We can only fit hearing technology on patients who have received a true prescription (aka: hearing test) from a licensed provider. Therefore, online “hearing tests” cannot be accepted.

Step 3:

Get your results.

It’s important that you get a copy of your hearing test results following testing. It's your hearing health info - so, a copy of your results is easy peasy to get.

Step 4:

Upload your prescription.

We make it easy to upload your results at the end of your online order.

Once you upload your prescription you’ll get to choose whether you want to enjoy the home trial prior to ordering or if you know which tech you’d like to get started with.

Of course – we’re always here to help. If you have any questions or need support along the way, we are a quick call, text, chat, email away. Don’t hesitate to connect.

We can’t wait to help get you started with better hearing and we’re proud of you for taking the first steps to living your life full frequency.