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Mid Tier

Man wearing red hearing aids and a life jacket getting ready to paddle board.

Key differences between tech tiers:

  • Customizability: how precisely devices can be fine tuned to your hearing loss. With mid tier tech you get reduced channels compared to premium.  You’ll still get a good fit accurate to your prescription (but it will be less precisely customizable).
  • Performance in background noise: based on processing and communication between your hearing aids. With mid tier tech you make some compromises on features which improve speech clarity in background noise. You’ll still see great benefits, but less clarity than premium tech.
  • Ease of use: added programs and features. With mid tier tech you get plenty of additional programs and features. These make your hearing aids more adaptive and convenient.
  • Cost: Mid tier tech is the middle ground for cost. You lose some features, and save some money. Balance your preferences and hearing health needs with your budget.